7 Tips for Success in Your Next Off-Site

I have facilitated, led, and designed many ‘off-site’ meetings over the years. These meetings range from annual ‘kick-off’ meetings, to strategic planning sessions, to crisis management. It is very easy to get your team excited about leaving the office and going somewhere different in order to unplug from the day-to-day and focus on what you need to do next or differently. But why do we get so energised when we leave these meetings – ready to change the world – only to find

Stabilizing a Team

On several occasions in my career, I have been brought into lead a team that was in various states of turmoil – from dysfunctional to downright chaos. The functioning of an organization is very dependent (some would say completely) on the functioning of the teams in the group. Before you can lead a team to success, you have to stabilize it. My key steps to establishing leadership and stabilizing a team are: Establish clear Mission, Vision, and Values – No matter where peop