Competitive Advantage from Environmental Sustainability?

Energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, we hear these terms all the time. Sustainability is becoming more and more important in many industries, particularly in the data center market globally. We all know the drivers of this desire; lower operating costs, being better citizens of the planet, positive PR from ‘going green’ or using sustainable energy sources. But, can these efforts provide more than just cost savings and good PR? Can a company gain a competitive adva

Innovation in Large Organizations Audience Participation Time!

Dear Contacts & Followers, it’s audience participation time! I regularly lecture and consult on innovating in large organizations, and I know that is an interesting topic for many of you too. I am looking to refresh some of the examples or case studies in my repertoire and I need your help. We all know about successful innovation stories like Apple and HP and unsuccessful (lack of) innovation stories like Kodak. We also know many companies who have been both successful and un

7 Tips for Success in Your Next Off-Site

I have facilitated, led, and designed many ‘off-site’ meetings over the years. These meetings range from annual ‘kick-off’ meetings, to strategic planning sessions, to crisis management. It is very easy to get your team excited about leaving the office and going somewhere different in order to unplug from the day-to-day and focus on what you need to do next or differently. But why do we get so energised when we leave these meetings – ready to change the world – only to find

6 Tips for Selling Your Business Plan

One of the biggest challenges, whether you are an entrepreneur or trying to build new businesses within a larger organisation, is to get your idea funded. It is not enough to have a good idea; you have to bring others along on the journey. The best way to get investment, recruit talent, and even sell your product or service, is to have a solid business plan. Sure, that plan will change, you may have to pivot one or many times, but you should always have a current plan. H

2 More Points about Innovating in Large Organisations

I spoke to a class of graduate students at MIT today on the subject of Innovating in Large Organisations. As always, the students raised insightful questions and made me think more deeply about my own content. I published a post a few weeks ago entitled “5 Tips for Innovating in Large Organisations”, which is essentially the content I covered in the class. You can find the link to that post at the bottom of this article. In short, I believe Large Organisations CAN Innovat

5 Tips for Innovating in Large Organisations

In April 2015, I was asked to speak to a class at MIT on the subject of Innovating within Large Organisations. I have been asked to reprise this talk again next month, so I dusted off my notes and have prepared my thoughts. Large organisations CAN innovate – In spite of all the people saying large organisations can not innovate, I disagree. Sure, there are many reasons why they struggle: It is difficult for large organisations to innovate in an ongoing manner They are good at

From the Archives: Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Before I launch into discussions on my thoughts on these two very interrelated items, I think we have to start by defining them. There is much confusion these days about the definition of these terms. Is Entrepreneurship limited to small companies? Is it the act of invention or a way of behaving? Innovation is a word that has become so overused that it is losing its meaning. So what do they mean today and how should we use them? Through this blog, I intend to explore tho